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Address by President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma to the 52nd Annual Conference of the Ahmaddiyya Mission in Sierra Leone, Bo, February 8, 2013



Asalamu Alaikum

I am very honored to be part of the Annual Gathering of the Ahmaddiyya Muslim Jama’at in Sierra Leone.  I am particularly impressed by the words on the cover of your invitation to the Jalsa: Love for All, Hatred towards None.

The Ahmadiyya Mission in this country has always demonstrated its adherence to this divine injunction.  You have truly showed love towards all by educating persons without discrimination from all faiths, all ethnic groups, and all regions in this country. You have greatly exemplified love for all of God’s servants by building hospitals and promoting peace and tolerance in our country. The Imams of the Muslim faith tell us that one of God’s ninety beautiful names is al Waddud, He who has profound love for His creation. Your theme for this year’s Jalsa is a testament to your fidelity to Allah. I am here to once again register the appreciation of Sierra Leone for the way you have demonstrated your fidelity to God’s love for his creation.



Since the establishment of the mission in Sierra Leone, you have always exemplified Islam’s value for education, peace and tolerance. These are values that Sierra Leone is known for all over the world. Our nation is one of most religiously tolerant in the world, we have now been ranked as one of safest and most peaceful, and insha-Allah, our education reforms will once again restore the image of the country as a fortress of scholarship on the West Coast of Africa.


altIslam is a religion of discipline, order, and cleanliness. The discipline clearly shows in the orderliness of the safa during prayers, it shows in the adherence to the values of promptness for the five daily salat, and it shows in your wudu and ablutions. I come here to reiterate my call for order and discipline in the country, for without these values, we cannot move on the heights of development and prosperity.


In my address to Parliament in December, I stated that I was dedicating my second term to the youths of this country, to their education, employment and advancement.  I come here to re-engage the Ahmaddiyya mission in a partnership for achieving this goal. Every year your mission educates thousands of Sierra Leonean youths. Let us all work together to re-emphasize the values of discipline, hard work and integrity amongst our youths; let us work together to ensure that they have employable skills; let us work together to bring forth the creativity, talents and ethics that will take us into the era of prosperity.alt


I am also here to ask for your continued prayers for peace in the Muslim world and the whole world in general. We particularly ask you to pray for peace, tolerance and democracy in our sister Republic of Mali. We also ask for your prayers for this country as we move on to the Agenda for Prosperity.  We are very determined to succeed, and with the prayers and support of the Ahmaddiyya Mission, we will achieve the goals that we have set for this country.


My Greetings and felicitations to the leader of the world wide Ahmaddiyya Mission, Congratulations to the Amir and entire jama’at of the Ahmaddiyyya Mission in Sierra Leone.alt


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now my singular honour to declare open the 52th Jalsa Salana of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Sierra Leone.

God Bless You and God Bless Sierra Leone




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