President Koroma Commissions APC Office in Kabala

By State House Communication Unit

images/pics/apc kabala office.jpgIn his capacity as Chairman and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) party, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma on Sunday 1st October officially opened the newly constructed party office in Kabala, Koinadugu district.

Delivering the keynote address, President Koroma thanked the people of Koinadugu for what he described as a rousing welcome as well as a clear show of new spirit, unity and enthusiasm Koinaduguans have built in the APC.

With the new party office and new executive, the president expressed optimism that the party would continue to do greater things in not only Koinadugu but also in the newly created district of Falaba, saying that Koinadugu has got people with great talents as demonstrated during the fight against Ebola and the voter registration exercise. He said even though Koinadugu has demonstrated a high level of unity which the party has welcomed so dearly yet the new executive must be aware of the challenges ahead and should be ready to show leadership in addressing them.

Taking into consideration where the country was prior to 2007 and where it is today “we should be proud of our achievements as a party,” the head of state said, adding that there has been massive improvement in all the sectors including health, agriculture, education, energy, infrastructure, water supply, good governance and many more. He pointed out that Sierra Leone prior to the Ebola outbreak was considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The APC, he said, had done it yesterday, has done it today and being the only party that has the future of this country at heart, would surely continue to do it tomorrow.

President Koroma went on to note that one of his greatest achievements has been the creation of new chiefdoms, districts and regions for which he has no regrets. He drew the attention of the Koinadugu/Falaba people to bogus political promises from politicians and advised them to remain focused, committed and determined to support the APC to win the 2018 general elections in the first ballot. “They will promise to build castles in the air, loose heaven on earth but you should know that it is easier said than done,” he cautioned, and added that “Rome was not built in a day”.

Regarding his participation in the opening ceremony of the APC Kabala office, the president admitted of falling into the ambush of Dr Kailafa Marah but hastened to pledge that he would equally offer himself to visit districts of other aspirants to maintain the balance as his primary concern as Leader and Chairman is to win the 2018 elections. He described the massive turnout to grace the ceremony as unprecedented in comparison to all the visits he had made since he became president in 2007.

The APC Chairman and Leader also used the opportunity to commend the manner in which the various constituency and district elections were conducted to elect new executives and acclaimed the stakeholders for doing everything possible to amicably address all election related matters at party level. “I am not going to pre-empt what NAC will do but I am sure it will endorse the new executive,” he opined.

Giving a brief overview of the project, the APC National Secretary General Alhaji Dr Osman Foday Yansaneh intimated that in the 90s APC buildings, including the Old Railway Line headquarters, Bai Bureh Hall in Port Loko, Kamakwie were illegally confiscated by the military and only repossessed when President Koroma assumed power and since then the party has embarked on building offices across the country.

He revealed that the party currently has an office in Mambolo, Kambia district built by Hon. Alimamy P. Koroma, another office in Kamalo built by Dr Samura Kamara, one in Taiama built by Dr Kaifala Marah, in Kabala built from collective efforts spearheaded by Dr Marah, the regional party office in Makeni and the ongoing seven-storey building in Freetown to serve both for party and commercial purposes. The Secretary General demanded the conveyances of all party offices as a way of security of ownership.

Addressing the mammoth gathering, Dr Kaifala Marah who played a leading role in the construction of the new APC office in Kabala in humility informed that the project was made possible by many contributors including President Koroma, Vice President Victor Foh, Osman Boie Kamara, Momoh Kemoh Konte, MPs from the districts and local youth groups.

With respect to his resignation as Bank Governor, Dr Marah maintained that he is a “party pekin” (son of the party) and that the APC is a congress of all people. He disclosed that a consensus has already been reached by all flag bearer aspirants that whosoever the party decides to elect or select as the case maybe, all other aspirants should rally behind that person as the common focus, he stressed, is to win the 2018 general elections. He called on all to rally behind the APC as the party is the only future of the country.

Among the highlights of the afternoon was the return of Dr Sheku Momodu Sesay to the APC.


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